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Handykith offers a wide range of construction, repair and finishing works, including local house painting services, painting of ceilings, wallpaper, painting of facades, painting repair service and other painting works. Painting of walls is the final stage of repair of apartment, office and is demanding to quality of performance. Painting is a complex of works performed by a painter for the purpose of protection, sanitary-hygienic and aesthetic treatment of the surface of the wall, floor, ceiling, exterior house, premises, fence, metal structure. If you are looking for some cheap painting services in NYC then you can contact our manager and make sure that the price is really affordable.

Painting of walls and ceilings remains one of the most popular types of finishing of walls and ceilings. The final result of affordable contract painting services is determined by three factors:

  • the quality of the preparation of the painted surface;
  • the right choice of paint;
  • the tool used for the work.

If finishing works in the office are carried out on gypsum plasterboard structures, then the commercial painting services include: primer of walls, ceilings, puttying for 2 times and painting, and sealing seams between sheets of GPB. Our specialists perform painting and plastering works in full compliance with building norms. You can be sure that the condition of walls and ceilings will be ideal, entrusting the repair of the apartment, exterior home, or the office to our company.

Painting of walls, ceiling, wallpaper can be carried out in winter, but in this case it is better to use oil compositions for painting. These materials are resistant to low temperatures and do not freeze. Painting with water emulsion paint in winter is not recommended.

High-quality complete painting services in NYC, ceiling of your apartment, office – this is not just a beautiful interior, it is comfort and comfort of your home. A wide choice of modern paints allows you to decorate the room with any design ideas, and often a high-quality painting of the wall, ceiling is able to replace even wallpaper, and decorative panels.

Preparatory works

One of the main tasks of a painter is to properly prepare the walls before the painting process. With a more careful and thorough approach to this process, the result is much better, and the process of painting the walls does not cause unexpected problems. The best type of wall leveling before the painting process is a qualitatively conducted puttying that also can be done by handyman painting services.

The surface of the wall after puttying should be perfectly smooth. It should not have any irregularities or scratches, rushes or ripples on it. In order to achieve the best results, professional painters use a light bulb to illuminate the surface. This makes it possible to notice all the slightest roughness on the walls that are not visible in daylight. And what about the cost? Professional painting services cost in NJ and area will depend on some specific task and may very so you can contact our manager to make sure that it’s really cheap. 

How to choose the right paint

The most popular wall paints are water-based paints. Alkyd and oil-based paints are used much less frequently. It is caused by such advantages of water emulsion paint as:

  • The water base provides absence of sharp smells in the room;
  • The drying process of the painted surface is much faster;
  • Water emulsion paints are easily diluted with water to the required concentration;
  • In contrast to alkyd and oil paints, water emulsion paints are safer.

Paint application methods

The paint can be applied to walls with three different tools:

  1. Brush. It can be used to paint corners, joins (floor, ceiling, slopes) or to apply original decorative patterns invented by the designer.
  2. Roller. With the help of this tool it is better and faster to paint the main surface area.
  3. A spray gun. With this device the paint is applied to the surface by spraying. This method is the fastest, and the paint is applied to the walls evenly over the entire area.

Some features of wall painting

The first layer of paint applied to the surface of the wall actually performs a control function. The application of this coat will show whether mistakes were made in the process of preparing the surface for painting. For this purpose it is necessary to examine the wall with the help of a light bulb after the first layer has dried out.

In case of small defects, they can be eliminated with the help of acrylic putty or fine sandpaper, but if the defects are large – all the work will have to be reworked. If no irregularities are found – you can apply a second layer.

In order to carry out high-quality painting works, it is necessary to remember about the following important points:

  • Paint should be applied evenly;
  • Paint from top to bottom, so that paint droplets do not get on the painted surface;
  • The wet-edge rule. Paint should be applied to the newly laid putty, work should not be interrupted. If a wet coating is applied to the dry part of the wall, the surface will remain visible.

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    • What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?

      We discuss everything PRIOR starting the work. Supplies (if required) are separate. In most of the cases, we don’t charge by hourly rate, instead we provide the total price for the job.

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      Check reviews and pictures from the job.

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      All situations are different, yet generic questions are always the same: “How much?”, “How long?”, “How urgent?/When we can start?”

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