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15 Tips For Hiring An Electrician


Hiring an electrician may seem as simple as any other task. Electrical repairs are integral to a homeowner’s routine. So you can’t always help having some repair work to do. Although, you might use common DIY knowledge for some repairs, you should not risk anything if you have no experience in handling an electrical job. It really is not worth it. Instead, you should find an experienced and professional electrician you can count on, for your electrical repairs. Invest your money in the right person, who is capable of doing the work at a reasonable price. It is very important that you employ the services of an electrician only after ensuring the person is licensed, certified and insured. You need licensed professional electricians because they have a good knowledge of the electrical requirements of homes as stated in the New York codes, rules and regulations. Start being strategic in choosing the best electrical company for your needs. At Handy Kith, we give you access to competent electricians.

How to Hire an Electrician

There are a lot of qualifications you should check before hiring an electrician. This article gives you insight into the necessary factors you ought to consider such as the types of electricians, his/her years of experience, the level of their qualifications and so on.

Faulty wiring is a disaster about to happen therefore, don’t work with an inexperienced electrician. You need to know how to find a good electrician. There are steps to take when you are looking to hire an electrician.

  • First, you need to have an overall concise summary of the details of the job after a thorough assessment.
  • You should also ensure that the electrician is licensed in New York state to practice either commercial or residential electrical work, depending on your job summary.
  • The electrician must be bonded and insured for the job, as well.
  • After checking the qualifications, then you can communicate with the electrician about the job on ground. Give him/her full details and take pictures if possible.
  • When the extent of the job has been discussed, you can ask for an estimate for the total cost and the payment plan.
  • You might be required to pay an advance, before the work starts.
  • In some cases, you might have schedule a meeting for the electrician to assess the repairs or even diagnose the problem.

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1.Find Out What Kind of Electrician You Need

It is imperative you understand the type of electrician needed for every kind of electrical problems. In a home, there are lots of electrical issues that can arise such as bad wiring, poor insulation, lack of a main panel with circuit breakers e.t.c. It is after identifying the reason you need the electrician, that you should consider booking any. If you have any questions, call us at Handy Kith or fix a consultation right now.

2.Ask For Recommendations from Your Network of Friends.

Nothing beats mouth-to mouth referrals for a quality service rendered. It is always great help to seek the opinions of friends and family, who might have hired an electrician for your current electrical problem before. This reduces the chances of choosing wrongly while affording you the opportunity of having experienced and trusted hands, doing all your electrical works.

3.Research the Electrician Cost

You do not have to spend ridiculously expensive amounts on running your electrical repairs. It is very important to know a probable amount you will expect to pay. This helps in choosing companies with affordable electrician service call rates and even possibly discover means to save money. The cost of services rendered might vary with complexity of the electrical fault. We have a lot of affordable offers at Handy Kith, simply hit us up!

4.Read Reviews

You should not underestimate how essential it is to read the reviews from past customers before you hire an electrician. This way, you can see their level of competence, the quality of the delivery, attention to details and customer relations. This would help greatly in making informed choices when booking your electricians. Many clients had great feedback, after we completed their electrical repairs. So, be rest assured, you are in safe hands.

5.Consult with Several Companies

Do not keep all your eggs in one basket when seeking the services of professional electricians. After reading the various reviews on different brands, you should endeavour to consult a good number of the companies you find affordable and competent. Give yourself quality options to pick from and a large room to maneuver as regards payments for services. Consult with us at Handy Kith, we’ll provide qualified personnel for your needs.

how to hire an electrician

6.Get Quotes

When discussing the details of the type of work required, be specific. In some instances, quotes are submitted based on the provisions of the service, therefore, accurately describe these before agreeing on a price. Consider the following when assessing quotes:

  • Do they possess a valid license?
  • Do they have the appropriate qualifications?
  • Do they provide you with adequate insurance cover?

7.Look for a License

Before choosing the company to perform electrical repairs in your home, you need to determine if they have a valid license to work. They can either be local licensed, state or federal government licensed. This guarantees that their skills and training are very much up-to-date. Hence, you get serviced by the best! Our electricians are licensed and certified, so, reach out to us for your electrical works.

8.Request for Proof of Insurance

Insurance is another checkbox you must tick before booking an electrical contractor. Endeavour to always seek valid proof that your hired technician is insured. Omitting this could cause you trouble later. You just might end up bearing the brunt of payments, if the electrician gets injured while working in your home. Make sure he/she has liability insurance.

9.Ask For References

When hiring an electrician, you should ask for references of similar jobs he/she has done in the past. This way, you can trust in their abilities before paying for their services. You can also measure how much experience the technician has in dealing with your electrical work. Don’t forget to ask questions, there’s no point being shy.

10.Ask Questions about His Electrical Tools

You need to be rest assured that the electrician has all the necessary tools for the repairs to be performed. You can go online to know about the tools your electrician needs in tackling your electrical problem. Always ensure that no cost is spared in delivering a perfect job and every needed tool is available.

11.Request For a Final Estimate When Possible

You can ask for a final estimate before the job is completed. Most brands would require payment of an advance fee before commencing the job. However, providing a final estimate helps in planning your finances properly and ensuring money is available as at when due. This helps in maintaining transparency between you and the service provider.

12.Check on Guarantees and Warranties

Ask valid questions such as:

  • What are the guarantees after your job is done?
  • How long after the service is performed, can you ask for a review if the problem persists?.

The company should be able to provide you with a list of guarantees and the length of time their warranties last.

13.Ask About the Process

It really pays to be inquisitive and gaining knowledge on electrical repair procedures would be useful when another problem occurs. You should make sure the electrician gives you a detailed breakdown of every step of the repair, before starting the work. This helps you effectively monitor the progress of the project and ensure it is delivered on time.

14.Read the Contract

You should not make any arrangements without first reading the contract. Take care to dutifully read through the company’s terms and conditions. Point out any discrepancies while asking questions about unclear terms. This would also protect you against fraudsters who are posing to be legitimate businesses. It is best to avoid entering into contracts with unfavourable repercussions.

15.Consider First Impressions

Go with brands that you find it easy to relate with, when considering companies to hire for your service call. Some companies have poor customer relations and would most likely lose customers as a result of this, to more polite and helpful companies. First impressions are very important because it could set the tone for a potentially prosperous client-customer relationship. At Handy Kith, we endeavor to build trust and a lasting relationship with you. Check out our offers today!

What Are the Different Types of Electricians and What Do They Do?

Before booking and paying for electrical services, you need to know the types of electricians and which is appropriate for different electrical problems.

types of electricians

Knowing these should inform your decision-making process, when seeking out electricians working within the scope of your electrical problem. If you are having troubles with any electrical systems, contact us at Handy Kith. We will find the problem and help you out.

Domestic/Residential Electrician

These are electricians that primarily fix electrical faults in the household. They can install wiring, lighting, install outdoor or indoor outlets and appliances throughout a property. They also replace or repair fuse boxes and add in switches, sockets, and charging points. Domestic electricians can work in any property type.

Commercial Electrician

These are electricians that can work in shops, factories and public buildings. For these ones, the range of work expands significantly. At this point, the tasks associated with the role will depend on the electrician’s commercial qualification. For instance, you can provide electrical services for public places like restaurants and supermarkets. They basically carry out similar tasks to domestic electricians but on a larger scale.


How Easy Is It To Add Extra Plug Sockets?

It is quite easy to add an extra plug socket, if you have even a little experience with electrical repairs. You
simply have to unscrew the faceplate and feed the wires into the mount. This is a task that you can do
yourself. If you can’t, hire a professional.

What Are Warrants of HandyKith Electricians?

The number of sockets that are needed per room depends on the room and its function in the home. For
instance, a living room needs 8 outlets, while the bedroom needs 6 outlets for the main and 4 outlets for the

How can you tell if an outlet is bad?

There are signs to look out for when trying to asses the state of your home’s outlets. You should call an
electrician if the breaker tripped after one appliance was plugged. Also, outlets could feel warm to touch and it
could be a sign of damage if it gets too really hot. This might even cause an electrical fire.

Why is powerpoint in the bathroom different?

The powerpoint in a bathroom is quite different from the ones in other parts of the home. This is due to the
increased exposure of the sockets to water. So, you should use outlets like GFCIs to prevent shocks.

Can a bad outlet make other outlets not work?

This depends on if the outlets are in one circuit together or separate. It is more likely that a bad outlet
would affect others, if this is the case. If separate, the chances are lesser.


How to Find a Good Electrician. Handykith Will Help You.

Finding a good electrician might be tricky but we believe these tips are more than enough to point you in the right direction.

In choosing an electrician, you must be patient and very alert. Ensure you request for recommendations from contractors, builders and developers. It is also best for you to use a company that’s been referred by a friend.

You need to find an agency that can supply you with skilled and top notch personnel. At Handy Kith, we fix most common electric faults, both in small residential buildings and commercial buildings. Our electricians are licensed, insured and certified. You can ask for a copy as proof. If you are looking for premium electrical services, we have a reliable team of experienced engineers always ready to help.


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