Light Installation in NYC

The correct and comfortable lighting of the premises has become an important aspect of our lives. The quality of our work and home recreation often depends on the placement of lighting fixtures, their brightness, color scheme and comfortable location. At the same time, the cost to install recessed lighting is quite insignificant, given that the installation of lighting fixtures is made for a long time and affects the psychological state and aesthetic perception of the owners.

What does the installation of lighting imply?

Psychologists have long determined that reading in diffuse light has a negative effect on the eye muscles, and constant stay in enclosed spaces with dim blue electric lighting or red lamps provokes depression and irritability.

Of course, a competent electrician in NYC will not give you advice on the properties of light and its effect on the human psyche. But experienced specialists of the company Handykith perfectly oriented in the fast and highquality arrangement of electrical lighting in the room, can quickly plan and carry out the installation of chandeliers, installation of wall lamps, sconces or led light installation.

The correct placement of light accents significantly changes the individual design of the house, apartment, office space. Qualified team of our masters competently and thoughtfully place and connect the lighting system based on the size and layout of the room, think about the possibility of combining different lighting fixtures, calculate the load on the electrical elements.

Installation of outdoor lighting: price and features

The most difficult thing to do in the work of an electrician is to draw up the order of placement and preliminary planning of the installation points of external luminaires and the direction of the light rays. The electrician not only speeds up the quality of the power grid installation and the recessed lighting installation. Masters of Service Handykith also provide consulting services for installation of street lighting in a your house and will help to prepare a project of economical and comfortable control of the lighting system.

The cost to install ceiling light often depends on the need to connect additional cables, fixing structures and the number of lamps.

The specifics of outdoor lighting installation are:

  • requirements for technical safety of electrical installation works (sometimes with special housing so no one can touch it);
  • creation of a wellthoughtout project to manage the system;
  • the functionality of the installation.

The price of lighting installation and a detailed description of the types of work are provided to our customers in the open price list, which eliminates the situation ofmarkups“. Professional service companies work honestly and responsibly. On the rendered service the guarantee sheet allowing the customer to be convinced in professional performance of electric assembling works. How much does it cost to install a light fixture? You can contact our manager to find an answer.


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What services are included?

Electricians render household services of any complexity, are engaged in installation of systems of illumination with use of modern techniques of installation and the control. Qualitative tools, thorough knowledge of all aspects of electrical work allow our specialists to carry out the assembly and connection extremely quickly and professionally.

Competent specialists conduct:

  • emergency connection lamps, chandeliers;
  • replacement of cartridges, switches, sockets;
  • ceiling light installation service;
  • assembly of a new lighting system for bathroom or in kitchen;
  • repair and replacement of electrical wiring (for example in existing ceiling);
  • maintenance and fitting of electrical networks;
  • flood light installation.

Do not risk health and comfort of loved ones in vainplease contact electricians of Handykith and get qualified and polite service at an affordable price. Professional electriciana guarantee of quality and impeccable service in NJ and area.

Installation and connection of chandeliers: professional approach

It is not a secret that even a well thought out and refined interior can be spoiled by an unsuccessful light accent or poor quality installation of lighting fixtures. Electrical installation works are one of the most difficult stages of capital and cosmetic repairs, so it is important to approach the issue of installation of chandeliers systematically and professionally.

The call of the electrician of Handykith will allow to provide the maximum appeal of individual design of your apartment and guarantees safety of use of electric devices. The price of connection of the chandelier in our company is determined on the basis of the open price list and each client calculates the total cost to install fluorescent light fixture and some other electrical work, that’s why it is always so cheap. So you dont have to wary on how much it will cost to install recessed lighting.

The choice of a successful lighting fixture and a master’s call for the installation of a chandelier is the right way to a guaranteed longterm operation of chandeliers, lamps, wall lamps of any complexity and model. Configuration and peculiarities of placement, specified by the manufacturer, put forward a number of basic technical requirements to the hanging of electrical appliances. Ask our manager to find out the cost to install overhead light.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?

      We discuss everything PRIOR starting the work. Supplies (if required) are separate. In most of the cases, we don’t charge by hourly rate, instead we provide the total price for the job.

    • What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

      We provide a free consultation and estimates upfront. If customer agrees we send a handymen with required skill set and tools. We can provide all nessesary supplies if customer does not have them.

    • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

      All of our handymen have plenty of on-the-field experience and passed required training.

    • How did you get started doing this type of work?

      It’s a family business. I’ve started to go with my father to his gigs from high school.

    • What types of customers have you worked with?

      We have worked with all types of customers, but mostly we work with residential and small business customers.

    • Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

      During the last winter freezing cold season, an owner of the small kinder-garden called me on New Year Eve around midnight and said that heating system suddenly stopped working… My team disputed the holiday and day-off came to the job site on January, 1st at 10 am and fixed the problem. So, kids were able to stay in a heated rooms the next morning.

    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

      Check reviews and pictures from the job.

    • What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

      All situations are different, yet generic questions are always the same: “How much?”, “How long?”, “How urgent?/When we can start?”

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