Light Installation in NYC

Handykith electricians have an extensive set of qualifications to install different types of light fixtures. The most common kitchen light fixtures, wall light fixtures, and bathroom light fixtures are regularly installed by our specialists. At the same time, we can deal with more complicated fixtures such as pull chain light fixtures, exterior light fixtures, and shower light fixtures.

We often get asked how long it takes to install a light fixture. The time it takes will depend on the number of lights you want to install, and whether its indoor or outdoor installation. The generic light installation may take just a few hours, a more complex job with rewiring and smart home controllers may take weeks from start to finish.

The cost of the service also depends on the complexity of the job. The average light installation price stays in a range from $50 to $350 per spot. The best way to find out the actual price is to contact us for a free estimate.

Handykith lighting electrics provide a full range of services and work with all kinds of lights:

  • LED light fixtures;
  • Chandelier light fixtures;
  • Recessed lighting;
  • Architectural lights;
  • Track and wall sconces;
  • Ceiling lights;
  • Mason jar light fixtures;
  • and much more.

When you think about light installations, remember to think about light switch installations and wiring. Any lighting installation requires the usage of electrical equipment. The wire from the fixture should be connected to wires installed in the ceiling or wall. Moreover, it’s crucial to know which cables to connect to as the switch should be related to your light.

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Ceiling Light Installation Service

Ceiling light fixtures are the most popular type of fixtures as they fit any interior. They differ in form and size. You can have a number of types, such as: close to ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, track lighting, pendant lighting, etc.

At the same time, some are more complex to install. We often hear this question: do you need an electrician to install a light fixture? Would you like to have your chandelier on the dinner table or a lamp on your plate? It’s likely that your answer is no. Then you need an electrician. That’s why it’s worth taking advantage of professional services.

There is one more type of ceiling light; this is a ceiling fan light fixture. If you suffer from heat and would like to feel the fresh air, it’s likely you will want to have such a fixture. Although you could find an article explaining how to install or replace a ceiling fan light fixture on the Internet, we would recommend asking for professional help.

Do you know that fan blade tips should be a particular distance from any obstacle? Do you know the number of wires to install the fixture? If you didn’t, you should let the professionals do their work. Making your own light fixture for a ceiling fan can be dangerous.

Recessed Lighting Installation

A recessed light installation is a perfect thing for a low ceiling or a place where the standard fixture could be damaged, for example, in a game room. Recessed fixtures don’t hang down. The fixture is placed either very close to, or inside, the ceiling.

The brightness of recessed lighting depends on the bulb you use. Thus, it can serve both as ambient or task lighting. Also, recessed fixtures can be placed near each other to increase brightness.

Recessed lighting installation requires lots of skills and understanding of how to use recessed lighting installers, especially if fixtures are placed near each other. The lights are connected via the same circuit, so a problem in one fixture will cause outages on others.

The recessed lighting installation cost depends on the number of lights you need. However, the average price for one light is around $130. Usually, clients require from four to six lights. If you need more detailed information on the price, call Handykith and ask about recessed lighting installers.


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Installation of Outdoor Lighting: Price and Features

Outdoor light fixtures are an excellent thing to have if you have your own house and want to make your home even more attractive. However, the outdoor light fixture can be used not only to make your property beautiful but to guarantee your safety. Handykith electricians can even install such complicated equipment as outdoor motion sensor light.

As for the price, the lighting installation cost for basic grade lights varies from $60 to $150+ for one light. Usually, clients ask for at least six lights. However, if you are not sure how many you need, how much electricity the lights will take, and how expensive the outdoor light installation will be, contact us, and we will answer all your questions. The price of the fixtures is not included.

More Popular Indoor Lighting Solutions

In many cases, recessed lighting outperforms ceiling lighting if we are discussing indoor lighting. It makes the room bigger visually and more open. Also, the recessed indoor light fixtures are simpler, which makes them suit any interior.

If we talk about lights, LED recessed lighting has been becoming more and more popular. This type of lighting is more efficient when turning energy into light. As a result, less of the energy is emitted from the bulb as heat.

Electricians in Any Part of New York City

There is a wide range of lighting installation companies. However, one of the essential things that determine the effectiveness of lighting installation is how fast they install the lights. That’s why Handykith works in five NYC boroughs.

No matter if your property is located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, or Queens, we will arrive immediately. Just call the Handykith team, and we will find a specialist for you in your area.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How much does it cost to install a light?

      The price will depend on the type and number of fixtures. Also, the wiring system in your home will affect the price. Usually, a single light fixture installation may range from $50 to $350.

      The lighting installation for the whole interior starts from $500. Also, the recessed lighting installation cost will differ from ceiling lighting installation cost as the number of lights will differ significantly.

      However, our specialists always examine the place before the installation and provide an accurate price estimate.

    • How much does an electrician charge to install a chandelier?

      The price depends on the conditions of the light installation. If you need to replace an old chandelier with a new one, the installation price will be about $100-$200.

      If we install a chandelier without there having been a previous one, the price varies from $300 to $2000. The cost of the chandelier is not included in the light installation. To get a more accurate price, contact us for a free consultation.

    • Are recessed lights still in style?

      Definitely! There are many areas where chandeliers will take lots of space. To add space, you should choose recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is efficient and effective lighting that can easily replace popular chandeliers if you install it strategically.

    • What is the difference between can lights and recessed lights?

      Can light is just another name for recessed lights. However, there is a difference between general ceiling lights and recessed lights installation.

      The general ceiling provides sufficient lightning, but if the ceiling is low, they can take up important space. While recessed lighting saves space. At the same time, if you consider the small voltage bulbs and adjustable trims on the recessed lights, the lighting becomes more efficient.

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