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    A house with extra devices such as a smart home system or motion sensor has higher energy consumption. However, it’s always possible to
    upgrade the system to a more energy-efficient level. Also, plenty of system modifications may overload the panel. Our specialists can
    upgrade the panel, so it matches the diversified requirements of the modified appliances. It’s essential for your safety because an unmodified
    panel may become a reason for electricity vulnerability, which may lead to a sudden fire.

    If you feel a slight smell of burning, call our emergency electricians immediately. Albeit light works with interruptions affecting your
    life, contact us, and we will liberate from disturbing issues.

    HandyKith covers a wide range of services, supporting complicated installation formats: motion sensors, smart home systems. Light
    fixtures, electric, wiring repairs: simply select service type you need. HandyKith provides general electrician services. HandyKith pros
    are ready to solve severe electrical problems. Handykith never sends masters with no prior consultation. First of all, the electricians’ service
    team learns customer’s demands. Afterward, you will discuss the price and the proper day to fix your problem. Right afterward, a handyman
    electric with the necessary range of tools and equipment arrives to fix your problem.


    Сommercial And Residential Spheres

    We collaborate with both the commercial sphere and the residential one. Even if your appliances work well, it doesn’t mean there is nothing that could save your money and make everything work better. The crew is equipped with up-to-date products accessible in the electricity industry. HandyKith is willing to upgrade your facilities. HandyKith guarantees the quality and durability of the used materials.

    Growing companies implement more electronic devices. This affects the whole system. Moreover, they have strict demands and tight deadlines. We have completed lots of projects; our experience allows our commercial electrical contractors in NYC to do work tremendously and on time. If you doubt, check reviews on our website. Thousands of happy clients have tested our qualifications already. Your business shouldn’t have to stop due to electricity issues. If you meet a problem with electricity, contact us, and we will do our best to fix it within one working day. It will prevent your property from unexpected dangers such as a fire.

    If You Need More Detailed Information On The Price, Request a Free Consultation

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    About Us

    • 300+happy clients
    • 10+years of experience
    • OSHAcertified technicians

    Light fixtures, electric, wiring repairs: simply select service type you need. We specialize in doing the highestquality detail work on residential and commercial projects.

    Handy Kith offers efficient electrical installation and upgrades services in the NY area. Our professional electricians work closely with our clients to ensure their lighting project will be in all modern standards.

    We are capable and professional local domestic electricians who can assist with any task you want to fix. From installing commercial lightning security to midsize inside electrical systems, we do all of it. Our experts are up to date on all the latest trends and help you get everything set up correctly without spending hours researching.


    How HANDYKITH Works

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    If You Need More Detailed Information On The Price, Request a Free Consultation

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    Why Choose HandyKith NYC Electric Company?

    Let’s get to know each other better. We are a family business. I have been going to my father’s jobs since I was in high school. The whole team is like a big family. We are ready to help anyone anytime. Let’s study an example.
    Once, an owner of a kindergarten called me almost at midnight on December 31 and asked to repair the heating system that stopped working. Although it was a holiday, my team came to work on January 1 in the morning and fixed the heating because they knew kids wouldn’t be able to stay in cold rooms.

    What is Price for Electricians in New York?

    We offer affordable services and guarantee excellent quality and complete safety. The consultancy team discusses the work cost ahead of time and places it in the contract. We won’t add any extra fees or charges later. You pay after services are finished according to the contract. After we finish, we provide you with an official warranty document for the service.

    What Are Warrants of HandyKith Electricians NYC?

    First of all, we care about safety. A small mistake may cost lives when dealing with electricity. That’s why our electricians have significant experience and the highest qualifications. We track the results of their work and don’t accept mistakes. It may harm both our employees and customers.
    We are developing together with the industry. Regular training and learning about brand new products – the core of our company. Workers pass qualification tests. Hadykith gladly presents the certificates.
    Still not sure whether we are the company for you or not? Click «Request a Free Consultation», and we will answer all your questions.

    How Fast Are Your Services?

    The work time depends on the case complexity. But if you desire the exact time of the works, you can request a free consultation on our website. Our consultancy team reacts to requests immediately.
    Click «Request a Free consultancy» and get the full information about how we will complete your task. Also, you can choose the date and time that suits you. Our best electrician NYC will be on time.