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New York City has a large population, and the city has many electric companies. That makes it hard to find a reliable one.

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    New York City has a large population, and the city has many electric companies. That makes it hard to find a reliable one. So, if you want to have home electrical services in New York, consider Handy Kith for your next electrical job. Our experienced electricians can fix all residential property electrical issues.


    Home Electrical Company Handy Kith LLC. What do we do?

    We can help to fix any electrical-related problem you have even if it’s an electrical emergency in your home. Our technicians are highly trained and have nearly 20 years of experience working with all types of situations. If your home is up to remodeling, or has been affected by a fire or flood, Handy Kith professional electricians can come to you to evaluate the damage. We can test your electrical system, suggest a course of action, and provide you with a full estimate for our services. Whatever commercial or domestic electrical services, Handy Kith can do it.

    Electrical Inspections

    All businesses and homeowners with an electrical panel installed should make regular electrical inspections. This is so they can check for any signs of wear or anything else that could cause damage. It is also so they can make any necessary replacements before something wrong terribleness. Our electrical inspections service can help warn businesses about problems with their electrical panels. Those problems could cost them thousands of dollars in damages if they are not fixed in time.

    Home Repairs

    Are you looking for a professional electrical service with reasonable rates? Handy Kith is the home electrical company with excellent electrical services in New York for nearly 20 years. If you need electrical repair in New York, please contact us at any time to schedule an appointment.

    When you call Handy Kith, our representative will answer any questions about your issue. We can also give you advice on the type of service that will work best for you. Some things that you can expect from our professionals include:

    1. Fast and quality repairs
    2. Electricians with over a decade of experience
    3. Any type of electrical repair or installation
    4. Great customer service

    Whether you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island, or anywhere else in the Empire State, Handy Kith is your best option for all electrical work types. You won’t be sitting in the dark with no power. We’re waiting to hear from you! Contact us today!

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    Home Electrical Services Cost

    Switchesfrom $100
    Hire an Electrician
    Hire an Electricianfrom $150
    Electrical Panels
    Electrical Panelsfrom $1000

    Installation and rewiring

    When it comes to any type of electrical installation or wiring, whether it’s lighting, ceiling fans, circuit break installation, a Handy Kith is the best option for the job. Our home electrical company, specialising, can complete the work correctly and safely.

    If you are considering getting residential electrical services, it’s essential to find a trustworthy company. As most electrical installations require an insulated wire, in Handy Kith, we use the best grade of wire available. We always do our best to ensure that wiring won’t short circuit once placed and connected and will serve the client for a long time.


    An electrical service upgrade entails the complete replacement of electric service round the home. The service includes the support entry cable, meter base, the grounding and bonding system, and the electrical panel. We can offer you the following electrical upgrades:

    • Remote-controlled sprinkler system
    • Remote controlled heating & cooling.
    • Remote safety & video surveillance
    • Smart thermostats
    • Smart alarms, detectors, and sirens
    • Remote controlled lighting
    • Smart Hubs
    • Smart smoke alerts

    Looking to update your house lighting and electricity should incorporate a number of those fantastic suggestions? Handy Kith’s home electrical services are pleased to assist customers with their light and electrical demands.


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    Light fixtures, electric, wiring repairs: simply select service type you need. We specialize in doing the highestquality detail work on
    residential and commercial projects.

    Handy Kith offers efficient electrical installation and upgrades services in the NY area. Our professional electricians work closely with our
    clients to ensure their lighting project will be in all modern standards.

    We are capable and professional local domestic electricians who can assist with any task you want to fix. From installing commercial
    lightning security to midsize inside electrical systems, we do all of it. Our experts are up to date on all the latest trends and help you get
    everything set up correctly without spending hours researching.


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    How do I find a trustworthy electrician?

    Ask your neighbours and friends if they can highly recommend an electrician to you. Also, you check reviews and references on the internet. Do not go on cost alone. Ask if the electrician ensures their job and corrects any position that doesn’t meet relevant standards. Verify your electrician has general liability and workers comp insurance in the event of an accident while working on your electric tasks.

    What does a home electrical check involve?

    The electrical check involves visual inspections components to see any electrocution dangers with broken equipment or incorrect wiring. Besides, it includes the verification of proper lighting bulb wattage and a general safety test. Also, electricians check grounding systems and inspect an electric panel for appropriate tags, amps, and functioning.

    How long does a house electrical test take?

    Usually, the property needs an electrical test every ten years (five for privately leased properties) or a house change. Ordinarily, the test will require approximately 3-4 hours to finish, based on the magnitude of a property and the number of circuits requiring testing.

    What is the difference between residential and commercial wiring?

    Residential electricians are responsible for electrical repair in households. Those home electrical services include installing power, lighting pipes, electrical gadgets, or running repairs. Commercial electricians handle electric jobs in large or little industrial environments.

    Is most residential wiring 3 phase?

    Most homes would usually have single-phase electricity. Three-stage power mostly uses commercial/industrial circumstances and big houses with numerous big electric appliances drawing more significant power currents.