Wall Sconces & Vanity Light Installation Service in NYC

Wall sconces are one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of a home. Whether you’re looking for a simple vanity light installation or a large elegant piece for a luxury room, Handy Kith has many options to meet your needs. We work with our customers to create unique lighting solutions that are tailored to their specifications. We provide our customers ideal wall sconces installation for any room in their home, office, or shop.

Handy Kith specializes in all types of wall sconces and vanity lights installation services. Our expert electricians can help you find the right lighting style for your home. Contact our company today for a quote and start planning your project!

Wall Sconces Installation in New York City

Wall sconces are the perfect accessory to add functionality to your home or office decor. If you’re thinking of installing wall sconces light fixtures, consider Handy Kith as your electrical contractor. With us, you’ll get a design that you like and that will last for years to come, as well as allowing you to spend time enjoying the interior design of your home or office.

If you want something sconces with a little more personality, you should take a look at some that are hand-carved or designed using materials such as bamboo or shells. These designs will usually have a much more distinctive look, and they are likely to be more durable than the basic wall sconces. The more personality that your wall sconces have, the more likely it will be that they will last for years and remain in good condition.

Wall sconces add a dramatic touch to any room and are a fantastic way to create ambiance in your home or workspace. It’s easy to forget that installing vanity light fixtures requires an electrical contractor’s services. Handy Kith is here to help when you need lighting installation in New York City.


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Hard-wired Sconces

Hard-wired sconces are a little complicated in installation. You may need to have the Handy Kith come out and run some wires. When you decide about installing vanity light on the hard-wired sconces, it is essential to remember that each light has a different color and rating. It’s a good idea to get a quote from us on which color and rating your lights need. It will allow you to buy the proper wall lights for your home improvement project.

People will often choose a sconce lighting simply because they have a favorite model of the hard-wired fixture they like; however, this is usually a bad choice. If you take some time and choose wisely, then you will have the perfect hard-wired light for your home without having to worry about the difficulties with vanity light installation.

Plug-in Sconces

There are several aspects of a plug-in sconce installation that an amateur or a non-professional electrical contractor may not have experience. While there are numerous methods to install the sconce, many of these methods can be hazardous to you and your property. Handy Kith electricians with a professional background are skilled and trained to install outdoor wall sconces properly. By hiring our qualified electricians, you will get a proper and safe installation without any unforeseen harm coming to you or your home.

Working with a qualified electrician will help ensure that you get a professional-looking and properly installed plug-in sconce. That will also save you money by avoiding unnecessary repairs and wall outlet problems. It will also help ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

Vanity Light Installation in New York City

New York City has some of the most beautiful and creative examples of vanity lighting. Whether you seek a romantic setting or highlight a unique item in your home, this light fixtures style can help you achieve both. In terms of businesses, many people find that light over the door is a great way to attract new customers and give them a first impression of what your business is all about. Whether you are trying to attract new customers, lighting up your door entrance with wall-mounted lighting is a perfect way to make a memorable impression.

No matter how grand or straightforward the design, there is a vanity light that will provide you with the elegance and beauty you desire. Even if you want to install a vanity light fixture in a small apartment or simply want to brighten up a dark corner in your home or office, you will find the right fixture to suit your needs. Handy Kith offers a highly skilled team of professional electricians that will help you with vanity light installation. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding your sconce lighting.

How Do We Install Wall Sconce Light Fixture and Wall-mounted Light Fixture

Handy Kith is a convenient solution for homeowners looking to create instant ambient lighting in any room of their home. From antique lighting to contemporary lighting, we can install unique light fixtures around. We are experts in installing wall-mounted lighting. Why contact us?

  1. We use specialized tools
  2. Safety is of the utmost importance
  3. We use only high-quality materials

Handy Kith specializes in bringing stunning and unique custom lighting solutions to homes throughout the NYC area.  All you need is friendly electricians like us to bring your electrical home improvement project to reality. Contact us for further details.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can vanity lights be installed upside down?

      Many vanity lighting may be mounted using lights pointed upward or down. Don’t forget that the fixture using lights pointed up for ambient light and directed down job lighting.

    • What does the height for installing a vanity light fixture?

      It should be placed 75 to 80 inches above the ground and, like all sconce lighting, contain at least 150 watts – ideally spread over a fixture that is at least 24 inches long so that the lighting will wash evenly over the face and hair.

    • How much does it cost to install wall sconces?

      The entire cost to install lighting wall sconces will depend on several factors like the purchase price of the sconces, labor cost, and the amount of difficulty of the light installation.

    • Are wall sconce lights hard to install?

      Installation of sconces lights isn’t a do-it-yourself task. It’s better to pay an electrician to install sconces properly. Hiring an experienced contractor will ensure that your sconce lights will work for years.

    • Do wall sconces need wiring?

      It depends on the wall sconces model you choose. But nowadays, most light designers started producing sconces that just plug into an outlet, no hard-wiring required.

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    Handy Kith is a reliable wall sconces installation company that has an excellent reputation in the marketplace. We are insured, and we stand behind our quality job. Below are some of the benefits of working with us:

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    Handy Kith provides both domestic and commercial clients with a wide range of indoor and outdoor wall sconces lighting solutions. Over the years in business, we’ve learned everything we need to know to make sure you are delighted with your new light fixtures.

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