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Installing under cabinet lights can be a time-consuming task, by hiring Handy Kith you can save yourself time and aggravation.

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    Under cabinet lighting installation is one of the best things you can do to improve your kitchen. These lights can serve as useful tools if you plan to make a significant refurbishing of your kitchen. Cabinet lighting is a great way to improve the efficiency of your space and increase its overall quality.

    Handy Kith offers under cabinet light installation in NYC, with a choice of contemporary or traditional light fixtures in various sizes and finishes. We are a professional company that focuses on service and quality of work. With over ten years of experience, we have gained a strong reputation in the industry due to our customer service and high-level installations.

    Styles of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

    There are numerous available styles that you may use to put in your LED under cabinets lights. The fashion of light you decide on will significantly specify the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Also, it will determine the quantity of lighting you get from your lights.

    Puck Lights

    Puck lights are LED lighting that is most commonly used to enhance the visibility of the game room. These puck lights are available in a wide variety of designs and colors.

    The under cabinet puck light installation is the right choice for many purposes as well, including decoration. With customized lights, you get to select the colors and design that fit in with your game room’s overall decor and thus provide you with a truly unique source of light.

    Linear Lights

    If you want to highlight an area in your home, linear lights are the best option for you. It can produce thousands of lux while it consumes only a small amount of electricity to function. These are the most ideal for under cabinet lighting installation. They provide uniform lighting and disperse lights evenly on the countertops eliminating shadows in your area. Most of the time, linear lighting is wired into the cabinets, but some options usually come with plugs. The linear lighting is dimmable and can be concealed beneath the cabinets since they’re flat.

    LED Strip Lights

    LED strip lights come in different forms, including those with a compact LED light-emitter board installed in total length or sections. The most popular form of this type of lighting is the long strip, which measures up to 10 feet in total length. Another popular option is the short strips, which measure only a few inches in total length. This option is preferred because of its convenience, as the pieces are pre-positioned and attached to a mounting frame without the need for drilling or additional fittings. Both options offer flexible configurations that vary the amount of power supplied to the individual lights, allowing the lights to be used in any configuration possible.

    LED Rope Lights

    LED rope lights can be designed to resemble anything from an inverted “U” shape to a baseball bat, pizza slice, bird or dolphin, or any other household symbol one can imagine. The possibilities are endless. Depending on one’s desired effect, many designs can be created. LED rope lighting is an excellent addition to any home because of its bright and colorful display, making any area look attractive and appealing.


    Types of Under Cabinet Lighting Installation Systems

    If you are trying to remodel your home and have decided to use under cabinet lights, you will first need to choose suitable light types to serve your particular purposes. For example, you may select a small fluorescent light or even a compact wall sconce to light a tiny kitchen or even a bathroom sink area. The other options you have for choosing the right types of under cabinet lighting are ceiling lights, recessed lights, or even the old standby, the wall-mounted light fixture. When selecting the different types of under cabinet lighting installation, there are generally four basic categories that you will want to familiarize yourself with.

    Direct Wire Installation

    With a direct cable setup, all the components required in this light’s operation are inside one unit. The connection is created throughout the practice of hanging the cupboards where the installer brings the wires directly through the cabinet’s back lip.

    The light fixtures need an independent 120V power point on the wall to function well, and they can be linked when the initial connection has been established. Connecting one fixture to another makes the setup process easy compared to wiring each fixture by itself.

    Tape Lighting Installation

    Using a tape lighting installation option is a great way to bring a modern style and flair to any home. The tape lights generally come in clear or frosted glass and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, styles, and shapes. Because they are so versatile, they can be customized to match the entire room’s design or the specific area that will need to be illuminated. Although tape lighting installation is an easy and inexpensive project, it can still require a professional to install the lights properly.

    Hard Strips Installation

    These are suitable for a linear type of applications. They are hard strips that have a rigid outside for connection. They hide the light to allow a perfect impact.

    Plug-In Installation

    There are the easiest to install and most ideal for your DIY installation endeavor. They come with a power cord that connects to a socket and many plug accessories for the setup procedure.

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    Under Cabinet Light Installation Cost

    Single Fixture
    Single Fixturefrom $400
    One Room
    One Roomfrom $1500
    2BD Apartment
    2BD Apartmentfrom $3500

    Cost To Install Under Cabinet Lighting in New York City

    If you would like to know how much it will cost to install under cabinet lighting in NYC, you can also get a free online estimate by contacting us. These estimates can give you a rough idea of how much the entire fixture would cost, but it does not include installation costs. Also, make sure that the room where you are going for under cabinet light installation has sufficient natural light so that your task lighting isn’t obstructed at all.

    Factors To Consider When Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

    Under cabinet lights are very useful for many reasons. They can be used as an extra light for a dark room or to create a softer glow for the kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity area. Your lights’ placement is also essential, as they must match the existing light fixtures you have in place. So learn the factors below before considering what under cabinet lights you need.

    The Cost

    The price of purchasing the lights will be determined by the outcomes you would like to attain. If you choose to buy numerous lighting that will fill up the entire area, the cost will go higher. For Instance, If you have opted to utilize puck lights and lights bard, you will need a considerable number of lights to fill up broadly to supply enough light and match the general appearance.

    Also, the cost to install under cabinet lighting depends on the provider you use. For example, Handy Kith offers the most affordable prices in the NYC area. Contact us to know the exact price of how many your home improvement project will cost.

    Type of Installation

    The type of under cabinet light installation method you settle for will help determine your under cupboard lighting cost. If you elect for puck lights that operate on batteries, it is easy to stick them under the cabinets without specialist help hence cutting back on labor costs. You can even use the tape lights, not to mind the cord used to plug them into being visible. But if you do not need any cable and cables to be observable, you’ll need to go for a way that involves integrating the light into a self-contained unit that will be attached to a light change.

    Amount of Lights

    The idea of getting under cabinet lights would be to add extra light to the working space and improve the appearance of this space. So, the brightness might not be a significant lighting element. However, based on the kind of task that requires the lighting, you might think that the total amount of lighting that the fittings will provide will help.

    Types of Under Cabinet Lights

    There are dozens of options for under cabinet lightings, and we will discuss a few of the choices for you and the likely cost. However, it can be pretty challenging to predict the available price with any accuracy level, given that labor prices vary widely. Below are the most popular under cabinet lighting options:

    • Xenon
    • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
    • Fluorescent

    Handy Kith can assist you with any under cabinet light installation in New York City. We install a wide range of options under cabinet lighting, including traditional fixtures with various sizes and finishes. Our handiwork is done discreetly and professionally to ensure you have a beautiful, functional kitchen without any unnecessary obstacles.



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    Should you install undercabinet lighting?

    If you have the midst of remodeling or updating your kitchen, you’ve probably considered installing under cabinet lighting. This type of lighting can be valuable for everyday use and go a long way when it boils to raising your house’s overall value.

    How many lumens do you need for under counter lighting?

    The required Lumen per foot is dependent on the intended use. Recommended for accent lighting – 150 into 250 Lumens/ ft. under-cabinet lighting & nearby task lighting (lamps) – 175 into 550 lumens/ ft.

    Can under cabinet lights be on a dimmer?

    All xenon under cabinet lights is dimmable, precisely like standard incandescent lighting. You just need to hook them up to some compatible dimmer switch (low voltage or line voltage), and you are all set to go. Dimmable LED under cabinet lights are also relatively easy to locate, but they require particular LED-compatible dimmers.

    What power supply do I need for LED strip lights?

    LED strips, unfortunately, aren’t as simple as conventional incandescent light bulbs when it comes to installation and setup. Because they operate on low voltage DC, they need a power source device that converts 120V/240V AC (depending on your location) to the voltage signal which LED strips can use.

    What kind of wire do you use for under cabinet lighting?

    Although wire size finally depends upon your light-fixture manufacturer’s specifications, 12-gauge cable is standard for most fluorescent and incandescent beneath cabinet fixtures. A basic installation requires a 12-2 NM cable.