Outdoor Light Installation in NYC

If you have a beautiful patio or balcony, an outdoor light installation can add an entirely new look to it. To get the best results, contact Handy Kith as we are knowledgeable and experienced electrical contractors. With our modern lighting designs, your property will look stylish and elegant!

We have the latest equipment to install proper light illumination for any outdoor space. We do our best to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and we will not rest until we make our clients happy. Contact us for a consultation now. 

Types of Outdoor Lighting

When choosing outdoor lighting, it has to be specific about the area that one desires to illuminate. One has to ensure sufficient electricity supply in the location where one wants to install these lights. With our help, the entire task of choosing suitable outdoor lighting types becomes very easy. First, it is good to figure out what purpose you want to achieve with the lighting. There are several different outdoor lighting styles, so you can easily find a suitable one.


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Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting is an excellent solution for all kinds of houses that suffer from a shortage of natural daylight. It’s also great for dark areas, such as a garage, basement, or attic. There are few types of motion sensor lighting based on technology:

  • Passive infrared (PIR)
  • Active infrared (sometimes also called area reflective)
  • Photoelectric.
  • Microwave.
  • Dual technology.

With motion sensor lighting, your total outdoor lighting installation cost will be at a reasonable level. Besides, compared to the overall security costs homeowners face, the lights aren’t that big of a deal. Motion sensor lighting offers an affordable, convenient way to add security without spending a fortune on elaborate lighting systems.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting uses decorative outdoor lighting of public and private landscapes; for the purpose and enhancement of nighttime aesthetics. Landscape lighting designs usually require different lights, fixtures, and lighting techniques. These techniques can be broadly classified into low voltage, halogen, and high voltage, with low voltage being the most popular. 

Low voltage (12V) systems are commonly used in residential areas like driveways, sidewalks, driveways, ramps, landscaping. They are popular because of the minimal risk of electrical shock, even underwater, and price. For commercial buildings and large estates, 120V outdoor lighting will work better.

Flood Lights

A floodlight is typically a high-powered, wide-beam artificial light used for accentuating outdoor areas. They are most often used to light outdoor recreational playing fields when an outdoor sports event occurs during low-light circumstances. More focused, lower-power types are typically used in indoor stage shows or as a back-lighting tool in live concerts.

Besides, flood lights can add safety to your home by illuminating the property areas you want to keep secure. And they can enhance the appearance by turning any location into a welcoming place. There are several types of floodlights available, including high intensity, low intensity, and spotlights. Each lighting type has a different labor time of installation. So before choosing an outdoor light installation type, ask an electrician about the total job price.


A spotlight is a strong portable light source that projects a bright, luminous beam from a specified spot. Some housings use a single halogen bulb with a molded plastic or glass shade. Others use two halogen bulbs and a colored glass shade, or even one halogen bulb with a colored glass shade. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new spotlight is to evaluate the wattage (watts). A high wattage spotlight will produce a significantly greater light output than a low wattage spotlight will. But it’s better to consult an electrician on total wattage and how many spotlights do you need.

Garden Lights

These lights are usually installed either on the ground or rooftop or anywhere in between, offering great coverage. In addition, they are available in different shapes and sizes and can be explicitly designed for specific functions. Installing garden lights is one of the best ways of transforming your outdoor space into a safe and romantic environment. 

When you install them at your home or in your business place, you create a well-lit and illuminated area. That would make guests and visitors feel welcome and secured. You can also set up a motion-activated garden light that would turn on at night. Contact Handy Kith to know outdoor lighting installation costs based on your home improvement project.

Choosing the Right Type of Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to choosing the right type of outdoor light to be installed, many factors need to be considered. If you want to add a bit of extra safety while you are out in your garden, you will need to make sure that you choose one of these types. Below are basic recommendations on how to choose the right type of outdoor lighting:

Need Type of Lighting Best Fixures
Security Motion Sensors

Flood Lights



Accent Lighting Landscape

Lighting Spotlights

Pathway Lights


Wall Sconces


Larget Areas Flood Lights Induction Floodlights

Halogen Floodlights

Focused Areas Spotlights Bullets
Whether you’re looking to make a major renovation
to your home or you’ve accumulated a list of small
repair projects, HandyKith can help.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How much does it cost to install outdoor lighting?

      Hiring an electrician to put in outdoor lighting varies according to your region and the amount of time needed to install the lighting. If the electrician also has to tap an electrical circuit, this will bring the charge as large as $400.

    • What is the best outdoor light?

      Flood lights will be the most useful of the kinds of outdoor landscape lighting for brightening massive areas. They are spotlights using high brightness and a wide coverage range. They frequently illuminate driveways and patios from above.

    • Do outside lights need to be on their own circuit?

      Section 210.8(f) of the NEC says that all outdoor outlets should be GFCI protected, which means that outside lights can use the circuit you already have. So you don’t need to have another circuit for them.

    • Where should outdoor lights be placed?

      In the majority of front entrance and entrance places, your outside sconces and wall-mounted lights should be placed so that the center point is right around 66 to 72 inches above the ground. For quite tall spaces, you may cheat the lights up marginally, but moving too far over 72 inches is generally not suggested.

    • Does recessed lighting increase home value?

      A smart way to raise the worth of your home is to add lighting. Hire an electrician to add recessed lighting into a dim kitchen or living room or elegant sconces into a formal dining or living room. That will make a home look more welcoming to house buyers afterward.

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    Why you should hire electricians Handy Kith for outdoor lighting design and installation

    Handy Kith’s electricians are trained professionals that are used to doing electrical work of all sorts. They also know how to protect themselves in the process. When people are doing any type of electrical work outside, there is a chance that things can go wrong at any time. So it’s essential to hire an experienced electrician that you trust will do an excellent job for you. Why us:

    1. No matter what size of your projects is. We can do it.
    2. Over a decade of experience in lighting installation.
    3. Our electricians are fully insured and have the proper equipment.
    4. We offer the most affordable prices in the NYC area.

    Handy Kith specializes in high-quality outdoor lighting design and installations. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. We do all types of outdoor light installations for residential as well as commercial spaces. Contact us for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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