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If you are looking for amazing options to boost the aesthetics of your home while beefing up your security, motion sensor lights are the best for you.

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    Every home has a lighting system that makes it habitable and relatively pleasing to the eye. However, whether you are a new house owner or live in a rented apartment, there’s nothing as perfect as having a smart system like motion sensor lights. These provide you with creative options to liven up your home while improving your security. First, you might need a circuit breaker installation and new electrical panel. Integrating top quality outdoor motion sensor lights into your home makes it a joy to live in, while protecting you from being robbed. So, this article is aimed at enlightening you on the various motion sensor lighting options you have and how to choose the best one for your home. Therefore, if you are looking for certified and experienced electricians with the skills to provide services such as motion sensor repair, replacement and installation, HandyKith is simply perfect for your project. We provide you with affordable rates and very fast delivery. You can contact us today for more details on our services.

    Benefits of Motion Sensor Lighting

    The benefits of motion light installation are numerous, which is why there has been a steady increase in its use in homes across the country. It represents a convenient option as you don’t ever have to manually flip a switch again. Once the lights sense movement, they turn on. So, you don’t need to stress about tripping in the dark. This is perfect if you have little children running around the house. Also with these lights installed, it’s almost impossible for anyone to approach your house without being seen which is a big turn-off for thieves. Installing a security light with motion sensor is standard procedure for every new home.

    Another amazing advantage of installing outdoor motion sensor lights is that they conserve energy like no other lighting system. Although, some lights turn out to be too sensitive and can turn on when the wind blows. Also, if you reside in an area with wildlife, or maybe have an outdoor cat or dog, their movements can affect the light. Therefore, all these should be factored into your installation, so you can get the best out of your motion sensor lights.


    Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Installation Cost in New York

    The cost of an outdoor motion sensor lights installation depends on important factors such as the number of fixtures, how long the job takes, the company’s hourly rates and the minimum per-visit charge. The question of how much does it cost to install a motion sensor is important in mapping out your budget for the project. The average prices are about $15-$70 for a basic two-bulbs floodlight and could rise up to $75-$200 for a more stylish outdoor fixture. However, the charges increase considerably if you are considering options like solar panels, a 240 degrees floodlight arc, remote control, or a remote sensor.

    Also, the length of time taken to complete the task is based on the complexity of the fixture, which has a direct effect on the prices. It generally costs more to replace an existing wiring system because they take longer. You might find that most motion sensor security lights are built to be very easy to install, but it is best to hire an experienced electrician with the skills to execute a perfect job. At HandyKith, we have a team of highly proficient electricians, who are committed to delivering an unmatchable level of quality. Let’s work with you on upgrading your home’s light system. You deserve the comfort of a modern home.

    Power Source

    When planning to install a motion detector light in your home, it’s imperative that you consider the most viable power source for you. These fixtures can either be hardwired, powered using rechargeable or replaceable batteries and other sources. The solar-powered outdoor motion sensor lights are really eco-friendly being that they draw their power from the sun. Below are more details on the various types of power source and how much they cost.

    • Hardwired lights:  These do not have the capacity to run on batteries or solar power, instead they are connected directly to a light source and can only operate when there’s electricity. Usually, they are made in 120 to 400 watts. Their main advantage is that they never lose power, although they can be lengthy and complex to install. On the average, it costs between $30 and $200 for the hardwired lights based on the size and type of the sensor and an additional $300 for installation.
    • Battery-Powered: Motion sensor lights can also run on rechargeable or replaceable batteries depending on the model. These types are relatively easier to install because they do not require cords and cables. They are also more versatile than hardwired lights. The only disadvantage is that the batteries eventually run out and need to be replaced or recharged. These lights cost between $30 to $200.
    • Solar-Powered: These are by far the most eco-friendly choice. Powered directly by the sun, they absorb sunlight all through the day and can be used at night. Generally, they require less maintenance and are perfect for decks, gardens and stairwells

    Types of Sensors

    If you are interested in switching up your home’s lighting system, sensor lights come in a variety of types and with different light bulbs. The mechanism of activation in these sensors can be triggered in different ways. While some can detect vibrations, others use sensors that detect body heat. Your choice of sensor determines the price of installing your motion sensor lights. Here are some common sensor types and their costs:

    1. Microwave

    These are types of sensors that are built such that they send out microwave pulses, which are then used in measuring the reflection of the moving objects. So, the sensors stimulate the production of microwave pulses, which makes them a cool choice for any occasion. The cheapest you can buy a unit is between $30 to $50.

    1. Vibration 

    These are really great and function optimally when they sense vibrations in the surrounding areas. They are very enjoyable in the home, and also really easy to make. Homemade motion sensors work excellently well but could be quite unreliable. You can get one of these with around $30 to $50.

    1. Passive Infrared Passive infrared (PIR) 

    These sensors function by detecting infrared energy based on changes in a person’s body temperature. They are really commonly used in security systems for homes. The sensors are triggered by a sudden change in infrared energy levels to turn on the lights. This type of sensor is very affordable and requires little maintenance with each unit costing about $30 to $100 each.

    1. Passive

    These function like regular light and can be manually switched on and off. However, for extra security, you have the option of turning them back on. You should expect to pay as much as $30 to $100 for a unit.

    1. Automatic

    This is the direct opposite of the passive sensor lights. These units guarantee that the light bulb is only triggered when the sensor has been activated, although they cannot be turned off. They are better fitted for security services than aesthetics. Their prices fall between $30 and $100 on the average.

    1. Ultrasonic Motion 

    The ultrasonic waves pulses are used in measuring the reflections off other moving objects. These can be classified as either active or passive. However, they are quite expensive, difficult to maintain and prone to being falsely triggered. Ultrasonic motion sensors cost about $40 to $100 per unit.

    1. Area Reflective 

    The motion sensing in this type works by emitting infrared rays from an LED and the reflections produced can be used to determine the distance to a person or object within the designated area. They are valuable for scanning large areas and are more expensive with an average cost of $40 to $100.

    1. Dual-Technology

    Dual-technology sensors are a step forward in the attempt to reduce false alarms. They combine multiple methods such as a passive infrared (PIR) sensor with a microwave sensor. Therefore, they have higher accuracy and the two sensors have to be tripped in order to trigger the alarm. You can opt for either a single or double sensor type and each cost around $50 to $300.

    1. Remote Motion

    Remote motion sensor lights are built with a different sensor to the rest of the unit. The sensor can be placed in locations such as your yard or in the home, so as to have light in another place. As soon as the sensor perceives movement, it turns the lights on. These usually cost between a range of $50 up to $500 each.

    1. Tomographic

    A tomographic motion sensor works on the principles of tomographic technology, which is similar to ultrasonic and microwave sensors because they can detect changes and movement once radio waves are emitted from the sensor. Although these are expensive, they are still viable for use by anyone in search of a commercial level of security. It costs between $300 to $1,000 to install.

    Type of Light


    Having installed motion sensors in your lights, you now have the option to choose any type you prefer. Spotlights are a very interesting pick and could give your home the feel of a dance hall.


    These are the most suited lights for your motion sensor lighting system. They are very bright, durable and possess amazing energy saving properties. You should definitely try one!


    Halogen lights represent an extremely perfect option for outdoor motion sensor lights installation. They cover large areas and are quite durable. You can use these for driveways, parking lots etc.


    High-Intensity Discharge lights are also a very useful type of light for homes with motion sensors. These lights are resistant to all weather conditions and can be used for years before you might need

    to replace them.


    Did you know you could also install lights for decorative purposes? You should do a proper research on the best possible lighting fixtures for your home before investing in any.


    These are called smart because of the level of control you are afforded when you have them installed. They are sure to make your home feel like paradise, with judicious use of electricity being one of their best attributes.

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    Pot lighting Installation Cost

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    Why Have an Outdoor Motion Sensor?

    It is really important to install an outdoor motion sensor because it helps you feel secure in your home. Any approaching persons or objects are immediately illuminated, which prevents unknown people from gaining access.

    Where to Install Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor?

    You can install your lighting fixtures and sensors anywhere outside your home. This choice depends on where you want them to be and the purpose they are to serve. In some cases, you might have to change the wire connections in your home.

    How to Add a Motion Sensor to Existing Outdoor Lights?

    This should only be carried out by skilled professionals with years of knowledge on the task. When upgrading your homes lighting system, you either add motion sensors to all the existing lights or perform a total overhaul.

    Why Do Motion Sensors Fail?

    These sensors can fail due to the adverse effects of weather such as humidity. Over time, they gradually deteriorate in sensitivity until they might actually require repairs. You might have to change your electrical boxes when this occurs.

    How Does a Sensor Light Work?

    A sensor light works such that once the sensor detects a change in the movement within an area, it sends signals to the lights which then turn on.

    How Can You Tell If a Motion Sensor is Bad?

    You can tell a bad motion sensor by the onset of electrical faults and eventual failure to stimulate the bulbs to come on. Once discovered, prompt measures must be taken to fix and replace these. If you intend to examine it yourself, it is advisable to make use of wire strippers.